Peyton’s Mom – Pat

When Pat’s daughter, Peyton, was sexually assaulted and brutally murdered by a convicted criminal, Pat became a member of Parents of Murdered Children, where the price of membership is one no one wants to pay. Pat was devastated. She struggled with two alternatives: life or death. She chose to live for her other daughter’s sake and vowed to correct the system that allowed Peyton to be murdered.

Pat left her career to lobby all 50 states to pass the new, tougher interstate Compact that tracks parolees and probationers. In October 2005, she joined Governor Romney as he signed Compact legislation in Massachusetts achieving her dream of enacting the Interstate Compact in all states. Pat has since written a book on her experiences and created The Peyton Tuthill Foundation in memory of Peyton. Proceeds from the Foundation will provide educational scholarships to homicide survivors, advocate for victims and their families and promote public awareness affecting public policy.


  • Ronald Regan Public Policy Award presented by the Bureau of Office of Victims of Crime National Crime Victims Week Award
  • Judge Joe Kegan Award- APPA
  • Marsy’s Law

Organizations and Boards

  • Victims Representative, National Commission Interstate Compact
  • Victims Representative, Florida State Council for the Interstate Compact
  • American Corrections Association, Florida Delegate
  • American Parole and Probation Association Victim Issues Committee
  • Parents of Murdered Children
  • National Organization for Victim Assistance
  • The Offender Re-entry Initiative sponsored by the U.S. Department of Justice, Department of Labor, and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. “Charting the Safe and Successful Return of Prisoners to the Community.”


Pat is a motivational speaker and also provides training to criminal justice agencies, judges, policy makers, victims organizations, and mental health associations.

Community and Prison Workshops: Impact of Crime, Restorative Justice, Finding Hope

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She was quoted on the back cover of the report preview along with the following:

  • John Ashcroft, U.S. Attorney General
  • Senator Edward Kennedy, MA
  • Chuck Colson, Founder Prison Fellowship
  • Reginald Wilkinson, Director Ohio Dept. of Rehabilitation and Correction
  • Senator Sam Brownback, KS

Additional information may be found at the Reentry Initiative website:

Manatee County Interview

Pat with Governor Jeb Bush & Florida Bill Signing Ceremony

Pat with governor Bush as he signs the Interstate Compact for Adult Offender Supervision.

Pat with Governor Romney at MA Bill Signing Ceremony

Pat with Governor Romney as the Interstate Compact for Adult Offender Supervision is signed.

Quotes About Pat Tuthill

“You have made such a difference with the work on the Federal Interstate Compact Law.” –Kim DeChant, Denver County Victims Advocate

“One thing I can say with certainty is that you have done much good for many people over the last six years. The reason for your involvement is tragic, but you are to be commended for making good come of evil.” –Kermit Humphries, National Institute of Corrections (NIC)

“I remember being with you and Tim during those early days . . you and Peyton were the reason we kept going on. Your’s and our journey was long and hard but worth it.” –Don Blackburn, Executive Director, Interstate Compact.

“I want to thank you for letting us tell your story in our newsletter. Many people have called and emailed how the story touched their life and what it meant to them. Again, Peyton is still touching hearts!” “Anything I can do to help, is what I’ll do. When you meet a victim who became a warrior, you follow! Pat is an inspiration for life!” –Anna R. Tangredi, Director, Texas Crime Victim Clearinghouse

“I am so thankful that you have been a part of my personal and professional life over the past five years. You have been an inspiration and an encouragement to me and others.” –Ann Hyde, Interstate Compact Commissioner, South Carolina.

“Peyton Tuthill became the icon during the drafting of this Compact and constantly reminded us of our mission. Her story serves as a constant reminder of what perpetuates the Compact as a valuable tool to public safety. Her name will honor the recipient of this award as one who has provided dedicated service to the success of the Compact and its mission.” –Inscription on the National Commission on the Interstate Compact Award awarded each year to the individual who demonstrated exceptional leadership and service to the compact. The award is the ultimate compliment to the dedication of those who look out for the safety of others.

“Pat Tuthill is passionate without being acrimonious. Her calm but insistent attention to the victims of crime coupled with her poignant personal experience made her a leading voice in the establishment and development of the Interstate Compact on Adult Offender Supervision.” –Gerald VandeWalle, Chief Justice North Dakota